Translation: What will be, will be. [Chorus] D Que Sera, Sera, A Whatever will be, will be E The future's not ours, to see A Que Sera, Sera E A What will be, will be. The translation is closest to Spanish, but it really is Italian in origin. “Que Sera Sera” is a 2007 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Yoon Cheol. About Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)" is a song written by the team of Jay Livingston and Ray Evans that was first published in 1956. Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be. Doris Day – Que Sera, Sera [Verse] A When I was just a little girl E I asked my mother, what will I be Will I be pretty, will I be rich A Here's what she said to me. When the patient spontaneously regains consciousness, he refuses any tests that might prove his condition is due to his weight. “Que Sera, Sera” was featured in the Alfred Hitchcock film The Man Who Knew Too Much and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1956. Doris Day introduced it in the Alfred Hitchcock film The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956), singing it as a cue to their onscreen kidnapped son. Que Será Será is a third season episode of House which first aired on November 7, 2006. This is similar to the phrase "it is what it is." With Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard. The plot often turns violent, twisted and sexy as all of the 4 main characters become entangled in this game that is supposedly centered around "love". Kang Tae Joo (Eric Mun) is a handsome event planner who is a playboy. Qué será, será definition, what will be, will be. This is Spanish for "what will be, will be." What choices do you make for love? Doris Day - Que Sera, Sera [lyrics]Genere: OldiesYear: 1956Album: /-----que sera, sera See more. que sera, sera cliché A phrase that suggests that the future is uncertain or out of one's control, loosely translated as "whatever will be, will be." This spelling of the phrase is based on Spanish, though the phrase itself is probably not Spanish in origin. An obese man in a coma presents treatment challenges, but finding out what's wrong with him may be the most challenging test of all. the future’s not our’s to see, que sera sera… Sign up to be the first to know about new classes, workshops, events & blog posts. Meanwhile, Detective Tritter steps up the pressure on House. Elsewhere, Tritter ramps up his vendetta against House. Email Address Que sera, sera! Absolutely. Directed by Deran Sarafian. Que sera, sera means 'whatever will be, will be'. House deals with a mysteriously ill morbidly obese coma patient. This is something you say when you are stuck in a hopelessly unchangeable situation, but have come to accept, or even embrace the unchangability of it all. Well, my application is in the mail, so there's nothing more I can do now. Que Será SeráI am sure. A spanish phrase. Although he has everything going for him, he doesn’t have money so he only dates rich women who can give him the lifestyle he wants. Que Sera Sera is an atypical Korean drama in that it is both mature and intense in the emotions that it evokes.