Gwen too was recaptured before she could escape. The events of the fourth season, set a year later, began with Arthur as Camelot's regent, aided by the council and especially his uncle, Agravaine, who was his mother's brother. Although Merlin had planned to leave Camelot with her, Freya attempted to escape on her own, not wanting Merlin to abandon his life for her, only to be cornered by Halig and Arthur's knights just before her transformation. The warlock therefore placed his body on a floating pyre on the Lake of Avalon. Sigan then unleashed a raven-like monster (Sigan's name meaning 'raven' in the language of the Old Religion) and animated the citadel's gargoyles to destroy Camelot. She is also the sister of Lord Agravaine. He took the realm by force and ruled competently for many years, creating prosperity for his people. In the episode "The Once and Future Queen" Arthur plans to enter the tournament without any of the other competitors knowing who he is and consequently avoiding any special treatment. Merlin (portrayed by Colin Morgan) is the main character in the series. Gwen is imperative in saving Arthur's life in "Sweet Dreams", and it is due to Merlin's convincing that she agrees to help. When Morgana employed a wizard called Alator to find out who Emrys is Gaius was kidnapped by Alator to reveal the real secret about Merlin. King Arthur is poisoned by a mysterious culprit and Gwen tells Camelot that Merlin is responsible. Gaius later finds out that Gwen has been put under the control of Morgana and vows to help Merlin uncover their betrayal to Arthur. Following the battle, Percival accompanied Gwen and the other Knights of the Round Table back to Camelot, the group now dressed in the cloaks and armour of true Knights of Camelot. She hires Alator of the Catha and orders him to kidnap Gaius who is forced to tell Alator that Merlin is Emrys. After his death, Arthur ordered Merlin to take care of Lancelot's body. Due to Gwen's status she has a tendency to be subservient, but she is seen to not be afraid of standing up for her beliefs and speaking her mind; a trait admired by most around her, particularly Arthur. Somehow, the two manage to escape, and a now mentally-unstable Morgana is now more than ever dedicated to destroy the Pendragons and Camelot. Gwaine saw somebody going along the tunnels and he followed them. Camelot soon falls to Morgana as the sorceress takes the throne once more, forcing Arthur and Merlin to flee her clutches. With the combined powers of Morgana, Mordred, the Saxons and Aithusa, it seems they will defeat Arthur once and for all before Emrys arrives and uses his magic to destroy Morgana's army and render Morgana unconscious, allowing Arthur to emerge victorious. It was there that Arthur knighted Lancelot, Gawain, Elyan, and Percival on the eve of their attempt to reclaim Camelot and rescue Uther. He published only fifty-four poems, in three slim volumes and a few magazines. To prevent an all out war, Arthur chooses to face one of Annis' warriors in single combat; if Arthur wins, Annis will leave Camelot in peace, however if Arthur loses, Camelot will fall. Shortly thereafter, Morgause and her army captured Camelot and Uther. Once they arrive in Camelot, Mordred exits the castle alive and well, and Merlin realises his mistake - that Arthur refusing to embrace the Old Religion sealed his fate. She first appears in the episode "Aithusa" when as an egg, she is rescued by Merlin from Jules Borden in the Tomb of Ashkanar. Though many people of the court encouraged Arthur to put her to death, Arthur instead banished Gwen from Camelot and confided to Merlin that although he still loved her, he could never trust her again. She then took Sefa to court and she confessed to being a traitor. Arthur's relationship with Gwen continued to develop over the third series as well. He is also the first of the "Knights of the Round Table" that is shown in the series. However, the following morning she became embarrassed when it became clear that Arthur had heard her. When Arthur drank from a goblet that he thought was filled with poison, Anhora stated that because Arthur had been willing to sacrifice himself for Merlin, the curse would be lifted. Gwaine regularly fought against Morgana's soldiers to obtain food for Gaius, whilst Elyan cared for him. But Elyan does have clues to where Gawain is; at Morgana's new hideout, Ruadan's castle. He then shows huge respect to Lancelot, telling him that he will be the greatest of all Camelot's knights. After Uther is mortally wounded, Merlin decides to use magic as Dragoon to save him and prove to Arthur that it is not a force of evil, but his plan backfires when Morgana interferes. The Sidhe's possession had various side-effects in Elena, such as clumsiness and uncouth behavior. However Mordred merely proclaims that Arthur will one day come to accept magic and attempts to destroy Morgana by reminding her of her once loving nature before blasting Morgana unconscious. Under the command of Morgana she is made to betray Arthur in the next episode. When Arthur arrives to save Gwen, he realises that the flame between Gwen and Lancelot has been reignited, and he is hurt and claims that he only came because Morgana made him. In order to release himself from her power, Merlin confronts Morgana as an 80-year-old man and she immediately recognizes the feared Emrys. Arthur was barely able to avert a full-on war with Queen Annis and even earned a tentative peace with her, and he later apologizes to Gwen. Gaius and Uther speak about Morgause in very confusing and cryptic terms, but what is clear is that she and Morgana are related, and both men fear knowledge and information she may possess. Once Helios' army of Southrons is finally up to strength, him and Morgana attack Camelot as Agravaine opens the siege tunnels to allow Morgana's army to pour right into the citadel. King Olaf (portrayed by Mark Lewis Jones) is the ruler of a kingdom neighboring Camelot. The episode "The Hollow Queen" also reveals that as Aithusa grew while imprisoned by Sarrum, the pit she and Morgana were housed in became too small for the growing dragon, and it caused her to become deformed, twisted and stunted in her growth. However, Merlin and Lancelot's deception was quickly discovered by Uther, who knew the man that Lancelot was claiming was his father, and the king ordered Lancelot's arrest. Morgana had a terrifying dream of Arthur dying at Sophia's hands. Nonetheless, he promised to rescue Gwen and regained some sense of self-worth when she told him that he was "all that [was] right with the world". Finally Merlin and Arthur are able to free Gwen using a magic pool. He did not discover her true allegiances, or the fact that she was actually his half-sister, until the penultimate episode, "The Coming of Arthur, Part One". In The Wicked Day, Odin sends The Gleeman to assassinate Arthur. Believing that Morgana's dream was actually a prophecy, since it should have been suppressed by Morgana's healing bracelet, Morgause urged Morgana to do whatever was necessary to prevent Gwen from ever being crowned. Soon, Morgana learns that Emrys means to free Gwen from her magical control and she attempts to stop Arthur and Merlin from cleansing Gwen's spirit of Morgana's evil. Eventually, Gwaine and Gaius were locked in prison. est le plus important site immobilier pour consulter toutes les propriétés dans la grande région du KRTB. Uther Pendragon (portrayed by Anthony Head) was the king of Camelot. Uther tries to reveal Merlin's magic to his son, but is forced back to the Otherworld before he can reveal the secret. After learning that only another blood sacrifice will seal the rift that released the Dorocha, Arthur decided that he would sacrifice himself and set off for the Isle of the Blessed, accompanied by Merlin, Lancelot, Leon, Gawain, Elyan, and Percival. He was killed by Sir Gwaine. However, her plan was more complex, for she spares him- but requires him to travel to her domain and face another challenge, at a later date (which he accepts, despite Uther's adamant refusal); she also implies she knew his mother, the late Ygraine- which only serves to make Arthur more willing to seek her out again. The "Queen of Hearts" episode is purely about Arthur's love for Gwen. He also inquired as to the whereabouts of Magic and Strength, demonstrating some element of foresight as these were later shown to be Merlin and Gwaine respectively. Taking advantage of her paranoid and almost insanely overprotective father, another king arranged for Arthur to be enchanted to fall in love with her, hoping that the subsequent duel between Arthur and Olaf when Olaf discovered this 'insult' to his wishes would result in the death of one and the subsequent declaration of war. When they are invaded by bandits, Arthur, who has been relieved of Merlin's spell, saves them. Upon obtaining Morgana's compliance, Morgause put her to sleep and tied a spell that would put everyone around Morgana to sleep to Morgana's own life-force but would not affect Morgana herself. It emerged that Sophia and Aulfric were Sidhe, magical creatures exiled from the land of eternal life and condemned to live as humans as penalty for Aulfric murdering another Sidhe. Although Gwaine never met his father, he likes to think that he was a noble who treated his servants well, but generally held a low opinion of the nobility, believing that they saw the lower-classes as being there to do nothing more than serve them. Along with Kilgarragh the Great Dragon, Aithusa is the only other living dragon left in existence. Kara (portrayed by Alexandra Dowling) was a druid girl and Mordred's love interest, and possibly, childhood friend. Queen Annis proved to be an adept judge of character once she saw past her grief. When other kings from rival kingdoms came to Camelot to sign a peace treaty, one of them brought his daughter Vivian. Odin abducts Nemeth's King Rodor and Morgana uses Princess Mithian to infiltrate Camelot. She also appears in the last episode when Nimueh breaks a deal with Merlin to take his life and tries to take Hunith's instead. Some time later, he took Morgana, the supposedly orphaned daughter of his close friends Gorlois and Vivianne to raise as his ward alongside Arthur. After two years in captivity, Morgana begins to lose her mind and she becomes mentally unstable as does a crippled Aithusa. He bargains with Morgause to stop her attack on Camelot in order to keep Morgana alive. When Arthur proposes to Gwen, Morgana destroys their relationship by using Lancelot's shade and Gwen is banished. During the final of series four he sits in the dungeons with Elyan and Gawaine, where he lies depressed, weak and dying. Lancelot (portrayed by Santiago Cabrera) was a commoner who later achieved the rank of Knight of Camelot. Gaius helped Balinor to flee Camelot and sent him to Ealdor, where he stayed for a brief time with Merlin's mother, Hunith. Due to his powers as a Dragonlord, Merlin is able to hatch her, and her status as a White Dragon is taken as a sign of good fortune by Kilgarragh. Balinor appeared in the "Diamond of the Day, Part One" as a cameo in the Crystal Cave, who gives Merlin strength and courage to find Arthur. The noble knight managed to speak the name of his friend and thank him before passing away for the last time. Morgana succeeds in turning Gwen against Camelot, and Gwen returns to the castle where she makes numerous attempts on Arthur's life under Morgana's orders. However, his efforts to help her begin to turn her heart against Uther forever. Anhora later stated that when Arthur showed true remorse for killing the unicorn, proving himself pure of heart, the unicorn that had been killed at the start of the episode was given the chance to live again. Shortly thereafter, Arthur truly forgave Gwen for what had happened in "Lancelot du Lac" before finally marrying her and crowning her Queen of Camelot. Morgana wavered briefly before him, showing some slight sign of guilt, but eventually told him that it was his stance on magic that had led to this. He was given a hero's funeral. Merlin intervened by heating the dagger in Aredian's hand and in the ensuing scuffle, Aredian fell out of a glass window from a high tower to his death. The man tells Merlin of Arthur's bane which he says "stalks him like a ghost", before showing him a vision. When Gaius was briefly possessed by a goblin, the goblin attempted to escape detection by accusing Merlin of sorcery- taking advantage of the fact that Merlin couldn't hurt him without hurting Gaius-, but this plan was threatened when Arthur and Gwen saw through the goblin's actions, recognising that Gaius would never take such pleasure in the idea of Merlin facing execution. Percival arrived too late to save him, having broken free of his bindings after hearing Gwaine's screams. Merlin and Gaius persuaded Arthur to take a tincture that simulated death, and Gaius retrieved Uther, who wept over his son's seemingly dead body. Morgana finally corners Gwen and uses her magic to transform Gwen into a deer, as Arthur is hunting in the woods and will kill Gwen unknowingly on sight. When Agravaine visits Morgana to inform her of her success in Uther's demise, she is evidently disturbed, if not saddened, by her father's death, and claims that there will be no celebrations until she takes the throne of Camelot. Although they both killed several Saxons, Gwaine was captured, and tortured to death, so Morgana could find where the wounded Arthur was heading. But Merlin lies to Arthur and says the shade has to have just been an illusion created by Morgause, purely for the sake of creating discord between father and son (despite the fact that he knows, from both Gaius and the late Nimueh that what Ygraine's spirit is saying, in fact, true). She was forced to let Arthur's mother die in childbirth in order to protect the balance of life and death. By way of her telepathic connection, he is able to sense that she has been stung by a giant scorpion and needs help. As Agravaine and his men have found them at Ealdor, Isolde runs and hides in the woods along with Guinevere, Merlin, Arthur and Tristan. Tauren (portrayed by Cal Macaninch) was a sorcerer who led a gang of renegade wizards with the aim of bringing down Uther Pendragon. Unfortunately, her curse resulted in the deaths of at least four people when she transformed during her two nights in Camelot, prompting an increased hunt for her. However Merlin's involvement saves Gwen from Uther's wrath, leaving Morgana furious. He laughs in shock and tries to deceive Merlin with words of praise so he can stab him, but Merlin sees through the ruse and kills Agravaine with a second attack. Morgana finds where they are heading and attacks them, hoping to watch Arthur die slowly, but Merlin kills her. Gwen is at first smitten by him, but their friendship soon becomes platonic. Seeking Arthur's location, Morgana tortured Elyan with a Nathair snake, which caused him "pain beyond all imagining" and, according to Gaius, stresses the body to the full extent of human endurance. He departed without saying goodbye, asking Merlin to tell her that "some things can never be". She participates in attacking the forces of Camelot on several occasions in Season 5, and it is only Merlin's powers as Dragonlord that prevent her from killing him and his allies. Merlin is deprived of his magic and sealed in the Crystal Cave. To return, the Sidhe elders demanded a "princely sacrifice", and Aulfric chose Arthur. Merlin found the body of the dead knight and worked out that it was Myror whom Arthur was fighting. When his family was killed by bandits, he swore to become a skilled swordsman to fight against tyranny and save other families from suffering the same fate as his own. He does not look the part, despite Merlin and Gwen's best efforts, but manages to act the part after he is given advice on nobility and arrogance from Arthur. Grettir was exceptionally skilled in the magical arts as he was able to turn Gwaine's sword into a flower and back again when he was threatened as well as disappearing and reappearing and he may have some powers in foresight (The Eye of the Phoenix). By the events of "The Coming of Arthur, Part Two", Arthur had lost faith in himself and was devastated by Morgana's betrayal. After helping Merlin recover, the Dragon consoled him about Morgana's defection. Merlin thwarts Morgause's plan for Arthur to eventually kill Uther (having opened a brief gateway, in order to call Ygraine to her son- and reveal Uther's part in his mother's passing, and most importantly: the fact that Arthur was born with the aid of magic) - Arthur, enraged at decades of destruction and hatred due to Uther and his lies, now desires to kill Uther in vengeance for his mother- just as Morgause expected. Seemingly at her end, Morgana greets death however the dragon Aithusa arrives and breaths back life into Morgana. Having foreseen Morgana use the dagger to kill Uther, Merlin begins to keep tabs on Morgana's actions. Morgana and Mordred reunite; during a dinner, Morgana flies into a rage when Mordred reveals they had Arthur in their grasp. It is suggested that Nimueh's beautiful features are an illusion brought about by her powerful magic; she can change her appearance at will ("The Poison Chalice"), looking no older than the 21-year-old Arthur despite having been in service to his family long before his birth. Merlin therefore assumes the role of The Dolma, an elderly, reclusive sorceress who has trouble getting clothes and who is the alleged guardian of the lake. In the final episode after Arthur is wounded in battle he sends the royal seal to Gwen via Gaius, hoping she will succeed him. With her greatest threat left powerless, Morgana and Mordred begin their invasion of Camelot by attacking a nearby garrison. Cenred's army was repulsed and he retreated, even over Morgause's objections. However, when a sickness renders Camelot asleep in the face of an attack by the deadly Knights of Medhir, the dragon forces Merlin's hand by demanding he honour his promise in exchange for knowledge. It is revealed in "The Last Dragonlord" that she cared for the fugitive dragonlord Balinor, who turns out to be Merlin's father. Merlin later saves Gaius and himself from Aredian's charges, by making the Witchfinder appear a fraud: he dies attempting to escape an accusation of sorcery himself- and having taken Morgana hostage, he immediately loses Uther's favour and trust. His destiny is to ensure Arthur becomes king in the hope his reign will see the return of magic. The four eventually made it to Ealdor, where Arthur was treated for his wounds and had a brief moment of reconciliation with Gwen, who had since come to stay with Merlin's mother, Hunith. Over time, sadly, her growing fear that she has magic, as well as her increasing anger towards Uther's callousness, a distance from Arthur (possibly due to his growing close to her maid), the hostility of the Great Dragon toward her (that she is unaware of) and most importantly, the unwillingness of Merlin and Gaius to tell her the truth or give her any real help in understanding or controlling what's happening to her - all of which serves to leave her feeling increasingly isolated and alone- which enables Morgause and others to corrupt and use her - eventually; following a long period of isolation with Morgause (indicated to be about a year) sees her previous compassionate views warped and Morgana become fully committed to evil. In "The Tears of Uther Pendragon (Part II), Sir Leon helps defend the castle against Cenred's army and engages in combat with one of the undead soldiers summoned by Morgana, but Merlin breaks the spell reanimating the undead soldier before Leon is killed. So, the warmongering king had her enchanted as well, making her fall desperately in love with Arthur. Arthur did so, with Merlin following behind him in secret. his servant, Finna also dies protecting the identity of Emrys (Merlin). Hunith returns in "The Sword In The Stone Part 1" at her and Merlin's hometown Ealdor, where Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Tristan, Isolde were hiding from Agravaine and his men. After her son was executed for using magic, she threatened to kill Prince Arthur in revenge against the king. However, his use of magic was revealed by Merlin and Arthur killed Knight Valiant in the finale of the tournament. He returns to Camelot and is present when Guinevere takes Arthur's place as ruler of Camelot. However, the fortress is soon alerted to the presence of an intruder, and the pair confront the unarmed king in the fortress. Morgana also continued to hold her half-sister's memory dear to her heart, seeking revenge against Merlin for his part in Morgause's demise and only reluctantly giving up the healing bracelet Morgause had given her to Alator of the Catha as a price for discovering the identity of Emrys. Excalibur was the only weapon that could kill the immortal army of Morgana and Morgause's doing. In seducing Morgana to join her, she helped to create Camelot's most implacable enemy. As Uther lay dying, Arthur frantically sought out a sorcerer who might be able to heal his father's wounds, unknowing that the sorcerer was actually Merlin in the same disguise he wore in the third-season episode, "Queen of Hearts". After killing Agravaine, Merlin visits the Dragon for help in assisting Arthur (devastated after the betrayal of Agravaine) in proving to himself that he can be the king that Camelot so desperately needs. With his death, Merlin became the last remaining Dragonlord. In "The Coming of Arthur, Part One", however, Morgause betrayed him by taking control of Cenred's army, which had just been made immortal via the Cup of Life, and ordered one of the soldiers to kill him. Sir Gwaine (portrayed by Eoin Macken), was the son of a knight who died in the service of his king either before Gwaine was born or when Gwaine was very young. Guinevere ("Gwen"; portrayed by Angel Coulby) enters the story as Morgana's personal servant, and eventually becomes the Queen of Camelot. Aglain (portrayed by Colin Salmon) was a Druid man who lived in the Forest of Acestir. Her small size is again, likely the result of her growth being stunted by imprisonment in Sarrum's dungeons for a long period of time. As Arthur retook Camelot, Percival and Leon freed the prisoners. In the subsequent battle to reclaim Camelot, Morgause was defeated by the combined magic of Gaius and Merlin, the latter of whom threw her against a column which rendered her unconscious. As Gwaine helped Arthur face the monsters in the kingdom, Merlin confronted the Fisher King prior to his death, Arthur subsequently claiming the King's trident. In the battle Mordred succeeds in wounding Arthur, however Arthur then stabs him dead. Uther finally dies and Arthur takes the throne. The fate of the real Catrina was left uncertain, although Uther stated in "Beauty and the Beast, Part One" that her city was devastated by invaders. Continuing with his story that he had left Camelot before the tournament, he pretended to have killed Myror during an ambush on the way back. With the aid of Morgause, Morgana uses her magic within the castle walls on several occasions to kill her brother, however she constantly fails. Called out on his rude and inconsiderate behavior by Gwen, Arthur slowly began to develop feelings for her, and they even shared their first kiss on the last day of the tournament. He threatens Merlin's life to achieve this, but the warlock seriously injures him with magic, and he is presumed dead after the tomb collapses. They venture to Camelot to take back what is rightfully Arthur's which results in Isolde's death.