She had two options for claiming the prize – either receiving $188 million in installments over the course of 30 years (about $530,000 a year) or getting the entirety of the $127 million winnings all at once (with taxes taken out of course). February 14, 2019. County, city and municipal governments in the tri-county area could receive a collective $188 million, according to an estimate from the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform. By. Last year, the $188 million home sold for just $94 million. That’s because it’s new price tag is listed at $188 million, roughly 25 percent lower than the original $250 million ask. Back in January of last year, an obscenely opulent mansion in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles made headlines for its $250 million price tag. The house is specifically being marketed towards billionaires. Claiming the money. This Insane $188 Million L.A. Mega Mansion Has Its … The odds were 1 in 175 million when Marie Holmes hit the jackpot. An over-the-top property in Bel Air was relisted for $188 million in April. 924 Bel Air Rd. Holger Schmitz - November 14, 2020. From helicopters on the roof to suitcases made out of extremely rare stones, Ryan gives you an inside look at the 8th wonder of the work. Fast forward to now and this mega-mansion has now been reduced in price to some pocket change: $188 million. (John Locher/AP) Holmes, … Ryan Serhant gets a chance to tour one of the most expensive mansions in the United States. She had about six months to go and claim the prize. The most expensive house currently on the market in the U.S. is in L.A. with an asking price of $188 million for 12 bedrooms and 21 baths. Marie was so shocked when she won that she was rendered speechless. It was originally listed in January 2017 for $250 million. And now the $180 million home, built by celebrity plastic surgeon Raj Kanodia, is slashing its asking price to $99 million. Let’s see, well there’s 17,000 square feet of … Touring A Massive $188 Million California Mega Mansion. Touring A Massive $188 Million California Mega Mansion Oct 30, 2018. At the time, it was the most expensive home in the country. What do you get for $188 million? With the reduced asking price of $188 million, Billionaire is no longer the priciest residential offering on the market. People play the lottery near Primm, Nev., in 2019. If you are selling a house, you may be tempted to accept an all-cash offer because it is more likely to close and face... How much does it cost to restore old windows? 0. 169. Credit: Ryan Serhant/Instagram.