Liga in club history. ... Hasenhuttl lined his team up in a 4-2-2-2 formation: So compared to last season’s preferred 11, he’d swapped Forsberg for new addition (more on that below) Timo Werner, who played alongside Poulsen. [1], Voting membership is severely restricted. The two teams met at the 35th matchday, on 19 April 2014. [260] It is now possible for a person to become an official supporting member. On 1 June 2019, Rangnick announced his resignation as sporting director of RB Leipzig after seven years and moved to the Red Bull company as "Head of Sport and Development Soccer". In addition, the RB Leipzig formed a stadium ban commission, in which Fanprojekt Leipzig provides advice to the club. The supporter union also holds a general meeting once per year. [20][27] In the beginning of 2009, Red Bull GmbH contacted the Saxony Football Association (SFV), to find out about the procedure to establish a new club in Saxony. [53][54] One day after the last match of the 2009–10 season, Beiersdorfer released head coach Tino Vogel, assistant coach Lars Weißenberger and sporting director Joachim Krug from their positions. Several players also left the team. Fanprojekt Leipzig is part of a network of similar Fanprojekts in numerous German cities. The first win came at the 4th matchday, in an away match against Holstein Kiel, which ended 1–2 for RB Leipzig. What we do, we try to do with our brain. However, RB Leipzig went rogue in September 2013, attempting a unique kick-off which saw the players line up in a bizarre 2-0-8 formation. Bundesliga season in fifth place. With Peter Gulacsi between the sticks and defence consisting of Bernardo – Orban – Compper – Halstenberg, Leipzig alternated in midfield but mostly they line-up just like they did against Werder in the last match, using Naby Keita, Demme, Forsbergand Sabitzer or Kaiser in midfield. Their first Bundesliga home match was played on 10 September 2016 versus Borussia Dortmund in front of 42,558 spectators. The club had originally invested around €500,000 in the containers. RB Leipzig have been given a four-star rating on FIFA 18, stemming from their 78 overall. During the winter break, players Christos Papadimitriou, Juri Judt, Carsten Kammlott and Bastian Schulz left the team. The club then played its first league match in an away match against FC Carl Zeiss Jena II on 8 August 2009. Occasionally, RB Leipzig … [43] Following the model previously elaborated by Red Bull GmbH in Austria and the US, the club was set to emerge and quickly rise through the divisions. [79] To ensure independence and improve participation, the DFL set up three requirements that the club had to meet in order to obtain a license for the 2014–15 2. RB Leipzig was to be given a license for the 2014–15 2. [158] They also became the first team from the area of former East Germany to qualify for a European tournament, since 1. Bundesliga in 2014, supporter groups from ten clubs in the 2. According to the new strategy, RB Leipzig was going to represent the key project in the football commitment of the company, in place of FC Red Bull Salzburg. They complained that such clubs are pushing back traditional clubs, and warned that RB Leipzig could well be the next such club to push a traditional club out of the Bundesliga. Matchday Sat, Apr 3, 2021 - 6:30 PM hours . The decision was considered merciless by some media. [252][253], The association is responsible for men's junior teams from U8 to U14 and all women's football teams. In the forefront, the group put the city of Leipzig. [18] The chairman of the Northeastern German Football Association (NOFV) Rainer Milkoreit said in 2014 that the promotion of RB Leipzig to the 2. The fan representatives can hold talks with club officials, for example, to communicate requests, suggestions and criticism from the supporter base. The 2011 Saxony Cup final against Chemnitzer FC on 1 June 2011 at the Red Bull Arena was attended by 13,958 spectators. He has rhetorically asked what the difference was between the commitments of Audi AG and Adidas AG at FC Bayern Munich, and the commitment of Red Bull GmbH at RB Leipzig? The 2012–13 season in the reformed Regionalliga Nordost began with major personnel changes. On 18 July 2014, the team defeated Paris Saint-Germain 4–2 in front of 35,796 spectators and 150 accredited journalists at the Red Bull Arena. Liga had a more promising start. The club refused to approve the requested banner. [170][171][172] Red Bull GmbH then acquired the naming right and the Zentralstadion was renamed "Red Bull Arena" on 1 July 2010. 'Lawn Ball Sports Leipzig'), commonly known as RB Leipzig or informally Red Bull Leipzig, is a German professional football club based in Leipzig, Saxony. Who was to finance such an expansion remained unclear. On 8 May 2016, RB Leipzig ensured promotion to the Bundesliga for the 2016–17 season with a 2–0 win over Karlsruher SC. The club also sold 60 containers from its training center, including sanitary facilities, to the city, in order to serve as accommodation for asylum seekers. The match ended with a 1–2 loss for RB Leipzig. [250] In contrast to all other association football clubs in Germany, there is no official way to become a voting member of RasenballSport Leipzig e.V. Premier League La Liga Bundesliga Serie A RB Leipzig also made transfers with its unofficial sister club, FC Red Bull Salzburg. Statistics correct as of 12 February 2021. You can also see how much a formation by this team has been used. He is so unpredictable that managers cannot actually read his mind. After losing 1–2 away to MSV Duisburg on 1 February 2014, the team would not concede a single defeat for the rest of the season. However, as required by the 50 + 1 rule, formal power lies with the association, holding the majority of votes. Fanprojekt Leipzig has also arranged a number of events, in which supporters can discuss the development of the supporter scene, and whose results are presented for the club.[249]. In an open letter to the club, the stadium operator, the Mayor of Leipzig and the citizens of Leipzig in January 2015, the group asked for support against a planned demonstration by Legida. The team won the final on 15 May 2013 by 4–2 in front of 16,864 spectators at the Red Bull Arena. Nearly 2,500 RB Leipzig supporters made its way to the Millerntorstadion and displayed a red and white flag tifo at the match start. The following clubs are currently affiliated with RB Leipzig: The following clubs were affiliated with RB Leipzig in the past: The establishment of RB Leipzig has caused much controversy in Germany. [58] The first team moved from the Stadion am Bad in Markranstädt, to make the Zentralstadion in Leipzig its new home arena. He further said that he had seen enough examples of traditional clubs which have not made it anywhere. [351] General manager Ulrich Wolter said in 2013 that Dietrich Mateschitz was not an oligarch or a Sheikh who buys a toy club, but someone who tries to generate success through long-term sustainable contribution to youth and professional football. Bayern Munich 1. After Osnabrück scored in the first minute, the home fans celebrated so violently that barriers and safety net partially collapsed and the match had to be interrupted. [261] In order to improve participation in the association, supporting members are represented by one member in the supervisory board. The decision had been taken by the club management in consultation with Red Bull GmbH owner Dietrich Mateschitz. [197][198][199][200], The current owner of Red Bull Arena, Michael Kölmel, commented on plans to build a new stadium in an interview in August 2015. At the time, it was considered impossible to convert sector B into a standing area, for structural reasons. Sympathetic had increased 2.8 percent to 45.1 percent, native had increased 7.2 percent to 40.5 percent, credible had increased 4.8 percent to 43.8 percent, regionally rooted remained at 45.8 percent, ambitious had increased 3.7 percent to 77.5 percent and passionate had increased 5.8 percent to 47 percent. [156] The team finished the 11th matchday in first place, and became the first team from the area of former East Germany to hold the leading position since the 1991–92 Bundesliga season, when Hansa Rostock stood at first place on 31 August 1991 and held the position for three matchdays, relinquishing it after a loss against FC Ingolstadt. Also, several players left the team, among them Lars Müller, Sven Neuhaus, Thomas Kläsener and Nico Frommer, all participants in the previous Saxony Cup final. Starting Line-up: 4-2-3-1 Substitutes 1. [367] The President of the DFB Wolfgang Niersbach said in 2014, with reference to the traditional clubs in Leipzig: "If the big traditional clubs have not managed to establish a serious way back in professional football for years and decades, then nobody should complain if a different approach is taken and this also leads to success". The introduction of RB Leipzig was met with protests from supporters of other Leipzig football clubs, notably 1. The men's professional football club is run by the spin-off organization RasenBallsport Leipzig GmbH. The team then went on to secure first place in the 2012–13 Regionalliga Nordost at the 18th matchday, after the second placed club FC Carl Zeiss Jena lost a match against Berliner AK 07 on 7 May 2013 and, as a consequence, were no longer able to overtake RB. [210] All four pitches were installed with floodlights, irrigation system and soil heating. Here, the PA news agency examines the Bundesliga club's rapid rise through the ranks. They have protested against commercialization of football, the apparent involvement of Red Bull GmbH and the allegedly undemocratic structures at RB Leipzig. Both the management board and the honorary board had been composed by either employees or agents of Red Bull. [323] At the away match against FC Erzgebirge Aue on 6 February 2015, the home supporters displayed banners which compared Dietrich Mateschitz to Adolf Hitler and supporters of RB Leipzig to blind Nazi followers. Such expansion would require more ground from the Leipziger Kleinmesse, and is therefore met with several objections. [352] The youth work at RB Leipzig received much praise from the German Football League (DFL) in 2014. Liga season on 3 May 2014 was a chance for RB Leipzig to secure direct promotion to the 2. The 2011–12 Regionalliga season saw the largest win in club history, when RB Leipzig defeated SV Wilhelmshaven 8–2 on 19 February 2012. The club refused to approve the requested banners, according to Red Aces because the club did not want politics in the stadium. The former 2006 FIFA World Cup venue was simultaneously renamed Red Bull Arena. [154] Ralph Hasenhüttl had successfully served as head coach of FC Ingolstadt 04 since October 2013, having brought the team from the bottom of the 2. [301][315], At some occasions, the protests have turned into violence and threats. [371], The chairman of the Saxony Football Association (SFV) Klaus Reichenbach expressed optimism about the club's founding. 25 Olmo 18 Nkunku. [163], In the 2019–20 UEFA Champions League, RB Leipzig managed to win their group ahead of Lyon, Benfica and Zenit Saint Petersburg. In addition, a win against Hamburger SV on 23 April 2019, RB Leipzig reached the DFB-Pokal final for the first time, where they faced Bayern Munich on 25 May. [133][134] 450 refugees attended the match, they were met and accompanied by 200 fans before the match. [94][95][96], The club signed numerous players before the 2014–15 season, among them Rani Khedira from VfB Stuttgart, Lukas Klostermann from VfL Bochum, Marcel Sabitzer from FC Red Bull Salzburg, Terrence Boyd from Rapid Wien and Massimo Bruno from RSC Anderlecht. The group members were said to see themselves as "Rasenballisten" and determined not to leave the supporter base solely to Red Bull GmbH. Solskjaer switched formations and produced … [155], RB Leipzig remained undefeated in the first thirteen league matches of the 2016–17 season, breaking a record for the longest undefeated streak of a promoted team to the Bundesliga. He said that he hoped for high class football, and that it would have earned the whole region and East Germany. He explained that structural changes and staffing decisions could be implemented quickly and flexibly at RB Leipzig, since there are no established hierarchies and less resistance in the environment. [91] On 15 May 2014 a compromise was announced. 2 . Bundesliga. The stadium held 5,000 seats and was the traditional home ground of SSV Markranstädt. [34] The club was positively inclined to entering a partnership with a global company. [195][196], The club had previously reserved an area near the A14 motorway north of Leipzig, close to the Leipzig/Halle Airport, which could be used to build a completely new stadium. [118][119] During the pre-season 2015–16, RB Leipzig defeated Southampton 5–4 in Bischofshofen on 8 July 2015,[120] and Rubin Kazan 1–0 in Leogang on 12 July 2015. [97], RB Leipzig played a series of friendly matches during the 2014–15 pre-season. At the end of the year, RB Leipzig confirmed its ambitions to gain promotion, by signing Brazilian midfielder Thiago Rockenbach. Werder Bremen-RasenBallsport Leipzig live incidents, goals, cards, substitutions, lineups, statistics, formations Werder Bremen 1-4 RB Leipzig - Bundesliga 2020/2021 Live [291][292], In the first season following that ruling, both reached the quarter-finals of the 2017–18 UEFA Europa League but did not play each other, with RB Leipzig eliminated by Olympique de Marseille who then also knocked out Salzburg in the semi-finals. Bundesliga in 2014 and said that it was the best thing that could happen to football in Leipzig. [228], The different fan clubs and supporter groups are organized in the supporter union Fanverband RB Leipzig Fans. [38][39][40], RB Leipzig became the fifth football commitment in the Red Bull sporting portfolio, following FC Red Bull Salzburg in Austria, the New York Red Bulls in the United States, Red Bull Brasil in Brazil and Red Bull Ghana in Ghana. [180][229][230] The first general meeting was held in November 2014 and gathered 350 supporters. [375] FC Bayern Munich sporting director Matthias Sammer, a native of Dresden, said in 2014 that he was positive to the development of RB Leipzig, and praised the positive economical effects it had for the region. FC Lokomotive Leipzig chairman Steffen Kubald nevertheless said that the match against RB Leipzig would for each team be the match of the season, and that RB Leipzig was the "Bayern Munich of the Oberliga". [126] RB Leipzig later decided to waive 20,000 euros of the 50,500 euros VfL Osnabrück owed the club for its share of the revenues from the match. According to Ulrich Wolter, the club does not aspire towards the high number of members of other clubs. [209][214][215][216][217], The new sports complex was opened in September 2015 and taken in use by the professional team and six junior teams, from U14 to the reserve team. 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[215], Constructed in the spring of 2016 was a covered grandstand with 1,000 seats, an area for motor skills-training and a parking area. [40][59][300][301][302][303] The club has been rejected as a "marketing club", a "commercial club" or a "plastic club". The sum was large enough to put the club in 8th place of all clubs in the Bundesliga and 2. In order to divide the work of the fan representatives, the supporter union has also created several working groups. The 2013 Saxony Cup final against Chemnitzer FC on 15 May 2013 at the Red Bull Arena was attended by 16,864 spectators. Details. Members of Rasenballisten said that the group doesn't hesitate to criticize Red Bull GmbH, when found necessary, and stated that the identity of a club can not solely rely on the main sponsor. age 23 175 cm. [86] The appeal was rejected in a second decision by the DFL on 8 May 2014. [288][289][290] After examining the operational structures during June 2017, UEFA declared themselves satisfied under their regulations that the two clubs (particularly Salzburg) were suitably independent from the Red Bull corporation, and sufficiently distinct from one another, for both be admitted to their competitions. [310][311] Hans-Joachim Watzke has nevertheless said that he was not an opponent of RB Leipzig, that he would appreciate a Bundesliga club from Saxony and that RB Leipzig was warmly welcome as long as the German Football Association (DFB) ensures that the club complies with the "democratic rules of football" and the club finances its own operations. RB Leipzig targeted a place in the 2010–11 DFB–Pokal, which would have been won by winning the 2009–10 Saxony Cup. (lit. Another candidate was Bayer Leverkusen junior coach Sascha Lewandowski, but he too declined the offer. [7], The company made its first attempt to enter the German football scene in 2006. They were joined by Massimo Bruno and Marcel Sabitzer, returning to RB Leipzig from being on loan. Playing in the fourth tier, the club had to undergo the German Football Association (DFB) licensing procedure. [142] RB Leipzig then recorded two straight wins and expanded the distance to six points. Pauli. [30][43] Negotiations between Red Bull GmbH and Michael Kölmel began directly at the club's founding. [13][16][17] After months of fan protests against Red Bull involvement, which deteriorated into violence, the company officially abandoned the plans. The Red Bull Arena is an all-seater stadium, without standing areas. Click on a match to see the match statistics. Red Bull GmbH and the club were close to a deal, but the plans were vetoed by the DFB, who rejected the proposed new club name "FC Red Bull Sachsen Leipzig" and feared too much influence from the company. R foot. The club nickname is Die Roten Bullen (English: The Red Bulls) due to the energy drink company Red Bull being the sole investor of the club. [269] On 20 May 2016, RB Leipzig extended its contract with Krostitzer Brauerei to be its official beer partner until 2018. [51] The team managed to secure first place in the 2009–10 NOFV–Oberliga Süd at the 25th matchday, thus earning promotion to the 2010–11 Regionalliga Nord. [203], In December 2016, RB Leipzig offered that the stadium would be sold by former owner Michael Kölmel to the club to continue the plans from the 2015 agenda. Here, … [251] The honorary board had performed tasks that are normally performed by a separate controlling organizational body. ", "Bundesliga? It could be modeled after the Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen or the Esprit Arena in Düsseldorf, with a significantly larger capacity than Red Bull arena, possibly up to 80,000 seats. RB Leipzig would need at least four junior teams, including an A-junior team, to finally obtain the playing right. RB Leipzig also allowed the payment of the remaining 30,500 to be postponed until the next year. RBL Fourth Jersey 20/21. Liga season. [6] Andreas Sadlo was elected chairman, and Joachim Krug was hired as sporting director. The cooperation agreement involves collaboration in eight categories, involving both home and away matches, as well as anti-racism work. He further described the activities of Red Bull GmbH in Leipzig a "sports political earthquake" in Germany. Reconstruction could start over the summer break of 2016. The attendance set a new record for a Saxony Cup final. [130][131][132] By an initiative of fans, RB Leipzig invited refugees on free admission to watch its home match against SC Paderborn on 11 September 2015. [6] Only five weeks after the first contact, SSV Markranstädt had agreed to sell its playing right for the Oberliga to Red Bull GmbH. The yellow sun has been changed in favor of a football and the initials of "RasenBallsport" have been relocated to the bottom of the crest and are no longer highlighted in red. [128][129] Staff and players of RB Leipzig collected and donated sporting equipment and private clothes to refugees. [16][18] RB Leipzig acquired the playing right for the Oberliga, the top three men's teams and a senior men's team from SSV Markranstädt. Amadou HAIDARA. [25][30] Red Bull GmbH reserved the naming right to the stadium at the club's founding, meaning that the name could not be sold to anyone else. [355] Blogger Matthias Kiessling, who has covered RB Leipzig continually since 2010,[356] commented on the restrictive membership policy in 2013 and said that the much lauded membership system of other clubs only existed pro forma anyway, and that participation now takes place via other channels, such as social media. [160][161][162] RB Leipzig say they will not take Bayern Munich lightly in Saturday's Bundesliga showdown despite the knee injury that threatens to sideline top-scoring striker Robert Lewandowski.... more » 22.03.2021 16:06 The company planned a takeover, with a change of team colours and of club name. As head coach of VfL Bochum, he said in 2014 that RB Leipzig "made him sick" and that he considered the club to be built on purely economical interests. Red Bull advertising boards at the Stadion am Bad in Markranstädt was smeared with graffiti and the pitch was purposely destroyed by a weed killer. [8][9][10][11][12] The local football club FC Sachsen Leipzig, successor to the former East German champions BSG Chemie Leipzig, had for years been in financial difficulties. €89.95. [25][41][43][50] The last team from Leipzig to do so was VfB Leipzig in 1903.[6]. [330][331] A similar protest was also carried out during the home match against 1. RB Leipzig won the first leg on 29 May 2013 by 2–0. 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[138] But following a series of wins, the team recaptured the leading position on 13 December 2015. The area currently leased by BSV Schönau 1983 is already pledged to RB Leipzig when the lease contract ends in 2026. Details. The remaining one percent is held by the association. They are the youngest team in the German top-flight, with their inaugural season coming in the 2009-10 campaign as a project for Red Bull GmbH. Supporting members also have the right to attend general meetings, although without voting rights. [56] Tomas Oral was announced as the new head coach on 18 June 2010. The qualifying match against Sportfreunde Lotte on 29 May 2013 at the Red Bull Arena was attended by 30,104 spectators. As a consequence, the club had now played four matches without a win and had lost contact with the top placed teams. FC Kaiserslautern. R ... Football Formation 2020-2021. top. [249][357], Both Dietrich Mateschitz and sporting director Ralf Rangnick have made comments on transfer policy. The company made contact with Hamburg-based cult club FC St. Pauli, known for its left leaning supporters, and met representatives of the club to discuss a sponsorship deal. age 27 178 cm. In the 2013–14 season, RB Leipzig made its first appearance in the 3. [226][227] The German newspaper Mitteldeutsche Zeitung reported that RB Leipzig had 5,000 organized supporters by March 2016. R foot. Involved in the arrangements was film entrepreneur Michael Kölmel, sponsor of FC Sachsen Leipzig and owner of the Zentralstadion. [248], RB Leipzig entered a cooperation agreement with Fanprojekt Leipzig in 2013. Just 11 years separate RB Leipzig's formation and their first Champions League semi-final.. The team came back even stronger for the second half of the season, having signed the experienced midfielder and 2. [72] The second attendance record held by RB Leipzig was set during the 2012–13 season, in the qualification for the 3. The away match against 1. This page was last edited on 10 April 2021, at 14:29. Sporting director Ralf Rangnick has pointed at the fact that sponsors and investors are present also at other clubs. [98][99] On 26 July 2014, the team defeated Queens Park Rangers with 2–0 at the Stadion der Freundschaft in Gera. The success, however, was followed by a draw against SV Sandhausen. [79] As a part of a compromise with the DFL, the club made a binding declaration to ensure that the management board was to be occupied by a majority of persons independent of Red Bull. [145][2] The promotion was celebrated together with 20,000 supporters at the Market Square in front of the Old Town Hall in central Leipzig on 16 May 2016.