[93] By mid-1873, there was substantial progress on the towers' construction. [74][75], Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge began on January 2, 1870. [262] Work started in late 2019 and was scheduled to be completed in 2023. During that time, the temporary footbridge was unofficially opened to members of the public, who could receive a visitor's pass; by August 1877 several thousand visitors from around the world had used the footbridge. März 1983 erhielt sie den Titel einer National Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks. The line carried three million people in the first six months, nine million in 1884, and nearly 20 million in 1885 following the opening of the Brooklyn Union Elevated Railroad. Auf der Brooklyn Bridge geht es immer geschäftig zu 100.000 Fahrzeuge überqueren sie pro Tag. [345] In addition, it was placed on UNESCO's list of tentative World Heritage Sites in 2017. [242] In a smaller project, the bridge was floodlit at night starting in 1982 to highlight its architectural features. [54][55] Engineers presented various designs, such as chain or link bridges, though these were never built because of the difficulties of constructing a high enough fixed-span bridge across the extremely busy East River. Stretch to Be Rebuilt to Ease Traffic Jams", "Brooklyn To Open New Courthouse; Mayor and Judges to Speak Tomorrow at Dedication of $18,327,500 Building", "Brooklyn Bridge Marks 75th Year; Once Hailed as '8th Wonder of World,' It Still Is Most Famous Span on Earth Recent Cleaning Job Proved Towers to Be Pink and Tan Instead of Black Brooklyn Bridge Is 75 Today, Still the Most Famous on Earth", "Plan Marks Doom Of World Building; Commission Approves Wagner's $5,266,000 Street Layout for Bridge Approaches", "Work Is Starting on Brooklyn Bridge Southwest, a Total Renewal", "Brooklyn Bridge Will Get Ramps; 2-Year Project Designed to Ease Street Traffic", "Brooklyn Bridge Getting Ramp to F.D.R. It is not the work of any one man or of any one age. Gut, schuld daran hat im seltensten Fall die Stadt selber – aber viel mehr sind es die Menschen und wie sie sich verhalten – und alles das, ist in diesem einen Foto vereint. [155][156], In 1879, an Assembly Sub-Committee on Commerce and Navigation began an investigation into the Brooklyn Bridge. Dazwischen ist ein Metallnetz waagrecht gespannt. Some larger clapper bridges, such as at Dartmeet and Bellever, have collapsed – their slabs swept away by floods, or raided for building or wall construction - and have since been rebuilt. George C. Parker and William McCloundy were two early 20th-century con men who had perpetrated this scam successfully on unwitting tourists. And, in an interesting twist, the voice for Washington Roebling (the son of the man who designed the bridge and who actually built the bridge) is provided by Paul Roebling--who I assume is a descendant of Washington Roebling, though IMDb gives no information about Paul other than a few film credits. For example, Murphy's report in August 1882 noted that the month's progress included 114 intermediate cords erected within a week, as well as 72 diagonal stays, 60 posts, and numerous floor beams, bridging trusses, and stay bars. B. Im Sommer 2008 war die Brooklyn Bridge selbst Teil einer großen Installation: Am 22. Mai 1883, überquerten bereits 1.800 Fahrzeuge und 150.300 Menschen die neue Brücke. [118], By December 1876, a steel contract for the permanent cables still had not been awarded. Das Foto von den Menschenmassen, die sich über die Brooklyn Bridge wälzen ist an einem Samstag im Juni 2016 entstanden. [66] Following the bridge party in April, Roebling and several engineers conducted final surveys. 40.705833333333-73.996666666667Koordinaten: 40° 42′ 21″ N, 73° 59′ 48″ W. 40.705833333333-73.996666666667Koordinaten: 40° 42′ 21″ N, 73° 59′ 48″ W. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Brooklyn Bridge… [36] Many of these people were cable car passengers. The artists said that the flags were meant to celebrate "the beauty of public space" and the anniversary of the death of German-born John Roebling, and they denied that it was an "anti-American statement". [245][246] The Park Row exit from the bridge's westbound lanes was closed as a safety measure after the September 11, 2001, attacks on the nearby World Trade Center. [51][5] Compressed air was pumped into the caisson, and workers entered the space to dig the sediment until it sank to the bedrock. Thousands of people attended the opening ceremony, and many ships were present in the East River for the occasion. NYCDOT workers periodically remove the love locks from the bridge at a cost of $100,000 per year. An den Brückenenden in Manhattan und Brooklyn hatten man die Strecke als Hochbahnen bis zu den nahen Endbahnhöfen weitergeführt. Eine grundlegende Renovierung der Brücke begann ebenfalls 2009 und dauert an (Stand: August 2016). Clapper bridge at Wycoller, Pendle, East Lancashire. [224] The reconstruction also necessitated the relocation of 410 families on Park Row. [8], By 1890, due to the popularity of the Brooklyn Bridge, there were proposals to construct other bridges across the East River between Manhattan and Long Island. [c][31], The anchorages also contain numerous passageways and compartments. [206] The trolley tracks closed in March 1950 to allow for the widening work to occur. [346], A bronze plaque is attached to the Manhattan anchorage, which was constructed on the site of the Samuel Osgood House at 1 Cherry Street in Manhattan. Unklar ist, wie die New Yorker damals die neue Brücke akzeptiert haben. [9] A 1909 Engineering Magazine article said that, at the center of the span, the height above MHW could fluctuate by more than 9 feet (2.7 m) due to temperature and traffic loads, while more rigid spans had a lower maximum deflection. To protect against the increased air pressure at that depth, the Manhattan caisson had 22 layers of timber on its roof, seven more than its Brooklyn counterpart had. Die neu eröffnete Brooklyn Bridge war ein Wunder ihrer Zeit, und Illustrationen davon waren in der Öffentlichkeit beliebt. Von hier aus kann man mit einen Weitwinkel <14 die Brücke in ihrer ganzen Pracht fotografieren. Steinman. [5][6][7], The main span between the two suspension towers is 1,595.5 feet (486.3 m) long and 85 feet (26 m) wide. [68][69] After amputation of his crushed toes, he developed a tetanus infection that left him incapacitated and resulted in his death the following month. Here, the promenade rises to just above the level of the crossbeams, connecting to a balcony that slightly overhangs the two roadways. Die Brooklyn Bridge war die erste Hängebrücke, für die Tragkabel aus Stahl verwendet wurden. In der Umgebung brach in Sekundenschnelle eine Massenpanik aus, in deren Verlauf zwölf Menschen starben und 35 teilweise schwer verletzt wurden. [54][37] There were also proposals for tunnels under the East River, but these were considered prohibitively expensive. Diese waren bereits eingebaut und konnten nicht mehr entfernt werden. The construction was directed by his son Washington Roebling and Washington's wife, Emily. Dort wurden die Wagen in ein stetig umlaufendes Seil eingeklinkt, das von einer Dampfmaschine auf der Brooklyn-Seite bewegt wurde. [100] The last stone on the Brooklyn tower was raised in June 1875 and the Manhattan tower was completed in July 1876. In den ersten Jahren pendelten Cable Cars, von denen 24 Fahrzeuge angeschafft wurden, zwischen den beiden Stationen. [102][112] The wire was then stretched back across the river, and the two ends were spliced to form a traveler, a lengthy loop of wire connecting the towers, which was driven by a 30 horsepower (22 kW) steam hoisting engine at ground level. 1893 wurden zur Erhöhung der Kapazität im Brückenbereich ineinander verschlungene Gleise angelegt und ein zweites Zugseil installiert. [261] That December, the federal government gave the city $25 million in funding, which would pay for a $337 million rehabilitation of the bridge approaches and the suspension towers. [4] Um die skeptische New Yorker Bevölkerung von der Stabilität des Bauwerks zu überzeugen, soll zuvor der Zirkus Barnum, der sein Winterquartier in Brooklyn hatte, mit 21 Elefanten zur Belastungsprobe über die Brücke geschickt worden sein. [41] The Manhattan vault was called the "Blue Grotto" because of a shrine to the Virgin Mary next to an opening at the entrance. Nur Personenfahrzeuge sowie der Fußgänger- … [8], Zwischen 1944 und 1955 wurden umfangreiche Renovierungs- und Verstärkungsmaßnahmen durchgeführt. [315], At 9:00 a.m. on May 19, 1977, artist Jack Bashkow climbed one of the towers for Bridging, a "media sculpture" by the performance group Art Corporation of America Inc. [161][36] Since the New York and Brooklyn Bridge was the only bridge across the East River at that time, it was also called the East River Bridge. [226] Work on redeveloping the area around the Manhattan approach started in the mid-1960s. This helped to lessen doubts about the bridge's stability while also promoting Barnum's circus. [19][139][140] To avoid public controversy, Haigh was not fired, but instead was required to personally pay for higher-quality wire. Drive; 1,500-Foot Exit Is Latest in $8.5-Million Series to Relieve Congestion", "Bridge Troubles Provide A Case Study of Neglect", "Newspaper Vans Lose Right to Use Brooklyn Bridge", "New York Bridges Aren't Falling, but Some Are Crumbling", "Brooklyn Bridge to Get New Set of Steel Cables", "The City; Bridge Entrance Shut in Brooklyn", "High Lead Levels Found Near 3 East River Bridges", "As Concrete Falls, City Moves to Fix Brooklyn Bridge", "Chinatown Residents Frustrated Over Street Closed Since 9/11", "Neighborhood Report: New York Waterfront; East River Bridges Are Missing Strings of Pearls", "Brooklyn Bridge Is One of 3 With Poor Rating", "Brooklyn Bridge construction starts Aug. 23, keeping Manhattan-bound lanes closed nights till 2014", "Paint fumes from Brooklyn Bridge have locals breathing uneasy", "Brooklyn Bridge Rehabilitation Spring 2014 Newsletter", "Projected Brooklyn Bridge repair costs have more than doubled", "Brooklyn Bridge, the 'Times Square in the Sky,' May Get an Expansion", "Finally, an Entrance Worthy of the Brooklyn Bridge", "No sleep until 2022: Work on Brooklyn Bridge, begun in 2010, will continue until 2022", "Landmarks Preservation Commission approves Brooklyn Bridge archway renovations", "$25M in federal funds for Brooklyn Bridge rehab", "Brooklyn Bridge renovations to start this fall", "Can a Design Contest Fix the Brooklyn Bridge? [36], The anchorages both have four anchor plates, one for each of the main cables, which are located near ground level and parallel to the ground. [247], Vehicular access to the bridge is provided by a complex series of ramps on both sides of the bridge. Außer den beiden Fahrbahnen waren zwei Gleise für die Eisenbahn vorgesehen. Dies machte sich vor allem bezahlt, als man während der Arbeiten entdeckte, dass ein Zulieferer minderwertige Drähte geliefert hatte. dem Mythos von Freiheit und Reichtum. [54][62][63] According to it, the bridge would be longer and taller than any suspension bridge previously built. Die Brooklyn Bridge hat eine lichte Höhe von 41,15 m (135 ft) in der Mitte des leicht nach oben gewölbten Fahrbahnträgers. Teilweise heißt es, alle seien begeistert gewesen und hätten zu Hunderttausenden am Eröffnungstag die Brücke beschritten. Zum Zeitpunkt ihrer Fertigstellung 1883 war die Brooklyn Bridge die längste Hängebrücke der Welt; sie übertraf alle zuvor errichteten in ihrer Länge um mehr als 50 Prozent. Vor der Eröffnung mussten noch die Mauthäuser an beiden Enden der Brücke geplant und gebaut und die Brücke selbst mit 70 elektrischen Lampen ausgerüstet werden.[3]. The anchorages are trapezoidal limestone structures located slightly inland of the shore, measuring 129 by 119 feet (39 by 36 m) at the base and 117 by 104 feet (36 by 32 m) at the top. [356] These documents were given to the New York City Municipal Archives, where they are normally located,[357] though the documents were briefly displayed at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1976. It took more than a decade to build, cost the life of its designer, and was constantly criticized by skeptics who predicted the entire structure was going to collapse into New York's East River. That year, the formerly separate City of Brooklyn was unified with New York City, and the Brooklyn Bridge fell under city control. Da die … [252][253] Work included widening two approach ramps from one to two lanes by re-striping a new prefabricated ramp; raising clearance over the eastbound BQE at York Street; seismic retrofitting; replacement of rusted railings and safety barriers; and road deck resurfacing. [103], In 1875, while the towers were being constructed, the project had depleted its original $5 million budget. Schon als Teenager träumte Joseph Strauss vom Brückenbau. [129][130] By May 1878, the main cables were more than two-thirds complete. [23][24], An elevated pedestrian and cycling promenade runs in between the two roadways and 18 feet (5.5 m) above them. [359] Furthermore, the Brooklyn Bridge has also served as an icon of America, with mentions in numerous songs, books, and poems. Standort . Was die Freiheitsstatue für New York, ist seit 80 Jahren die Golden Gate Bridge für San Francisco. [184] The first new bridge across the East River, the Williamsburg Bridge, opened upstream in 1903 and connected Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with the Lower East Side of Manhattan. the Archways East and West of the Anchorage Piers the Laying of Strands of the Great Cables Demolition of Buildings in Both Cities a Doomed Church the Line of the Road Way in New-York", "The East River Bridge; the First Wires Stretched Between the New-York and Brooklyn Towers", "The Bridge. [355] Though the museum was ultimately not constructed, the plans had been established after numerous original planning documents were found in Williamsburg. Die Geschichte der Brooklyn Bridge Die Brooklyn Bridge ist eine kombinierte Hänge- und Schrägseilbrücke in New York City. [155] In May 1876, these groups, led by Abraham Miller, filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York against the cities of New York and Brooklyn. Oktober 1901 wurde die Kabeltraktion auf die nachmittäglichen lokalen Züge der Hauptverkehrszeit zwischen den beiden Flussufern beschränkt und am 27. [310] The entrance ramp to the bridge on the Manhattan side was subsequently dedicated as the Ari Halberstam Memorial Ramp. Sie überspannt den East River und verbindet die Stadtteile Manhattan und Brooklyn miteinander. [56], Roebling was subsequently named the main engineer of the work, and by September 1867, had presented a master plan. November 1896 endete der Einsatz der Dampflokomotiven, fortan brachten elektrische Triebwagen die – mittlerweile aus mehreren Wagen gebildeten – Züge zu den Rampen, wo weiterhin das Seil die Traktion sicherstellte. [50], The Brooklyn side's caisson, which was built first, originally had a height of 9.5 feet (2.9 m) and a ceiling composed of five layers of timber, each layer 1 foot (0.30 m) tall. It was designed by John Roebling. [320] Protesters disputed the police account of the events and claimed that the arrests were the result of being trapped on the bridge by the NYPD. [18], The side spans, between each suspension tower and each side's suspension anchorages, are 930 feet (280 m) long. [335][334] For the centennial, the Brooklyn Museum exhibited a selection of the original drawings made for the bridge's construction, including those by Washington Roebling. [33] When the NYCDOT removed the bricks from the banks in 2020, skateboarders started an online petition. The towers' construction was a complex process that took four years. [172][167] In subsequent lawsuits, the Brooklyn Bridge Company was acquitted of negligence. [192] Several subway, railroad, and road tunnels were also constructed, which helped to accelerate the development of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. [8][199][200], The first major upgrade to the Brooklyn Bridge commenced in 1948, when a contract for redesigning the roadways were awarded to David B. Die Planung und die Aufsicht über dieses riesige Bauprojekt hatte der Bauingenieur John Roebling. Sie wurden mit Roeblings patentiertem Luftspinnverfahren vor Ort hergestellt. [17] Sie haben zwei Spitzbogenportale für die drei Fahrbahnen auf den beiden Hälften des Fahrbahnträgers, die dementsprechend jeweils zwei Tragkabel haben. [319], On October 1, 2011, more than 700 protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement were arrested while attempting to march across the bridge on the roadway. ", "Controller Steinmetz's Letter; Hon. [218][219] Subsequently, Boerum Place from Fulton Street south to Atlantic Avenue was also widened. The bike lane, to be completed by the end of 2021, would allow the existing promenade to be used exclusively by pedestrians. The Brooklyn side's tower had reached a height of 164 feet (50 m) above mean high water, while the tower on the Manhattan side had reached 88 feet (27 m) above MHW. [23][24] The trusses allow the Brooklyn Bridge to hold a total load of 18,700 short tons (16,700 long tons), a design consideration from when it originally carried heavier elevated trains. Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Januar 1870 mit den Vorbereitungen für die Fundamente der Türme und der Anker. Als eines der Wahrzeichen der Stadt New York ist die Brooklyn Bridge Handlungsort in zahlreichen Romanen, Fernsehsendungen, Filmen (z. [113] The wire was one of two that were used to create a temporary footbridge for workers while cable spinning was ongoing. [296] The higher-than-usual pedestrian load caused this swaying, which was amplified by the tendency of pedestrians to synchronize their footfalls with a sway. Roebling arbeitete einen großen Sicherheitsfaktor ein, indem er die Tragseilkonstruktion für eine sechsmal höhere Last auslegte als erforderlich. [128][129], As the wires were being spun, work also commenced on the demolition of buildings on either side of the river for the Brooklyn Bridge's approaches; this work was mostly complete by September 1877. Während er die weiteren Bauarbeiten lediglich mit einem Teleskop von zu Hause aus verfolgen konnte, war es vor allem seine Ehefrau Emily, die die Arbeiten voranbrachte. Die Brücke hat heute sechs Fahrstreifen sowie in der Ebene darüber einen breiten Fuß- und Radweg. While it had 200 full-time dedicated maintenance workers before World War II, that number dropped to five by the late 20th century, and the city as a whole only had 160 bridge maintenance workers. When it was finished, it was the tallest structure in North America. Im Volksmund lief bald die Geschichte um, die beiden hätten unbedarften Fremden die Brücke selbst angedreht. At the time, it was the longest suspension bridge. [189] Although a second deck for the Brooklyn Bridge was proposed, it was thought to be infeasible because doing so would overload the bridge's structural capacity. Im August 1876 wurde das erste Seil von einem Anker über die Türme und den East River zu dem anderen Anker gespannt, mit dessen Hilfe anschließend ein schmaler durchhängender Steg (catwalk) gebaut wurde. [21][124], The spinning of the wires required the manufacture of large coils of it which were galvanized but not oiled when they left the factory. Am Tag ihrer Eröffnung, dem 24. [107][31] The Manhattan anchorage was built in less time, having started in May 1875, it was mostly completed in July 1876. Accordingly, the track layout was rearranged and more trains were ordered. [303] The Brooklyn Bridge has since developed a reputation as a suicide bridge due to the number of jumpers who do so intending to kill themselves, though exact statistics are difficult to find. Er schlug eine Hängebrücke vor, für die er auch schon Pläne mit zahlreichen Einzelheiten ausgearbeitet hatte, samt den beiden großen Granittürmen mit den vier Tragkabeln. [3] Insgesamt beschäftigte der Bau 6000 Arbeiter, 27 verloren dabei ihr Leben. [234] A report in The New York Times four years later noted that the cables were visibly fraying and the pedestrian promenade had holes in it. So K. W. im Interview, New York City Department of Transportation, National Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks, vergrößern und Informationen zum Bild anzeigen, Schweizerische Bauzeitung TEC21, 23. The cable cars could not only regulate their speed on the ​3.mw-parser-output .sr-only{border:0;clip:rect(0,0,0,0);height:1px;margin:-1px;overflow:hidden;padding:0;position:absolute;width:1px;white-space:nowrap} 3⁄4% upward and downward approaches, but also maintain a constant interval between each other. [7][25] These trusses are held up by suspender ropes, which hang downward from each of the four main cables. The limestone was quarried at the Clark Quarry in Essex County, New York. The film is broken into two major parts. [51][5] The Brooklyn side's caisson was built at the Webb & Bell shipyard in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and was launched into the river on March 19, 1870. Wer mehr über dieses viel genutzte Transportmittel erfahren möchte, ist an diesem Ort genau richtig. [72] The New York and Brooklyn Bridge Company—later known simply as the New York Bridge Company[73]—was actually overseen by Tammany Hall, and it approved Roebling's plans and designated him as chief engineer of the project. The Cities Celebrate the Work That Makes Them One", "The First Travel Across the Brooklyn Bridge", "Yesterday's Calamity on the Brooklyn Bridge", "City Pays Off Brooklyn Bridge of 1883; Interest Was Double Cost of Erecting It", "Finishing the Bridge; the Railroad, the Sands-Street Entrances, and the Warehouses", "Dead on the New Bridge; Fatal Crush at the Western Approach", "Work on the Bridge; Precautions to Be Taken to Prevent Future Accidents", "Managing the Bridge; the Trustees Adopt a Plan for Protection Against Fire", "The Grip Begins Its Work; by Cable Over the Brooklyn Bridge. [14] Mit einem Abschluss der Arbeiten wurde für das Jahr 2016 gerechnet[15], mittlerweile ist der geplante Fertigstellungstermin auf 2022 verschoben worden.[16]. Dieser Titel wurde den Australiern jedoch von dem Brückenbauer Othmar Hermann Ammann streitig gemacht, der nur wenige Wochen vorher die Bayonne Bridge fertiggestellt hatte. Die Spinnräder liefen bis Oktober 1878 hin und her, um die über 20.000 Stahldrähte für die vier Tragkabel über den Fluss zu ziehen. [209] The widened south roadway was completed in May 1951,[210] followed by the north roadway in October 1953. [40][48] The tops of the towers are located 159 feet (48 m) above the floor of each arch opening, while the floors of the openings are 119.25 feet (36.35 m) above mean water level, giving the towers a total height of 278.25 feet (84.81 m) above mean high water. Hamm, Deutschland 367 Beiträge 115 "Hilfreich"-Wertungen. [46] The granite blocks were quarried and shaped on Vinalhaven Island, Maine, under a contract with the Bodwell Granite Company, and delivered from Maine to New York by schooner. [81] On March 6, 1871, the repairs were finished, and the caisson had reached its final depth of 44.5 feet (13.6 m); it was filled with concrete five days later. Jahrhunderts und ein Besuchs- bzw. In Manhattan, the pedestrian walkway is accessible from crosswalks at the intersection of the bridge and Centre Street, or through a staircase leading to Park Row. Sei es die Brooklyn Bridge mit der Manhattan Bridge, oder ein paar Meter weiter direkt an der Pier, die Möglichkeit zu haben, ... Marcus hat im Okt. [83], The Manhattan side's caisson was the next structure to be built. Henry James, writing in the early 20th century, cited the bridge as an ominous symbol of the city's transformation into a "steel-souled machine room". [231] A repainting of the bridge was announced two years later in advance of its 90th anniversary. [258] Work on the pedestrian entrance on the Brooklyn side was underway by 2017. [285] The path narrows to 10 feet (3.0 m) at the locations where the main cables descend to the level of the promenade. However, the ornamentation on the Brooklyn tower could not be completed until the Manhattan tower was finished. Mai 2014, Nr. Für die Stadt New York wurde die Brooklyn Bridge schnell zu einem neuen Wahrzeichen. Im Januar 1964 erhielt die Brücke den Status eines National Historic Landmarks. [340] A renovated pedestrian connection to Dumbo, Brooklyn, was also reopened before the anniversary celebrations. [197] Ostensibly in an attempt to reduce traffic on nearby city streets, Grover Whalen, the commissioner of Plant and Structures, banned motor vehicles from the Brooklyn Bridge in 1922. Diese aufwändige Farblithographie der Brücke trägt den Titel "The Great East River Bridge". A seaman who had been hired to determine the height of the span, testified to the committee about the difficulties that ship masters would experience in bringing their ships under the bridge when it was completed. [31], Underneath the Manhattan approach, a series of brick slopes or "banks" was developed into a skate park, the Brooklyn Banks, in the late 1980s. [230] A single ramp from the Manhattan-bound Brooklyn Bridge to northbound Park Row was constructed in 1970. [323][324] Initially, cannabis activism was suspected as a motive,[325][326][327] but on August 12, 2014, two Berlin artists claimed responsibility for hoisting the two white flags, having switched out the original flags with their replicas. [39][40] The chains of eyebars curve downward from the cables toward the anchor plates, and the eyebars vary in size depending on their position. Deterioration and late-20th century repair, Sources disagree on whether the length of the Brooklyn Bridge is 6,016 feet (1,834 m). [235] The city began planning to replace all the Brooklyn Bridge's cables at a cost of $115 million, as part of a larger project to renovate all four toll-free East River spans. Since the masonry blocks were heavy, the builders transported them to the base of the towers using a pulley system with a continuous 1.5-inch (3.8 cm)-diameter steel wire rope, operated by steam engines at ground level. [47] The Manhattan tower contains 46,945 cubic yards (35,892 m3) of masonry, while the Brooklyn tower has 38,214 cubic yards (29,217 m3) of masonry. [19], Each side of the bridge contains an anchorage for the main cables. [64], There have been several notable jumpers from the Brooklyn Bridge. [105] The Brooklyn anchorage broke ground in January 1873[106][31] and was subsequently substantially completed in August 1875. [264][265] Ultimately, in January 2021, the city decided to install a two-way protected bike path on the Manhattan-bound roadway, replacing the leftmost vehicular lane. The Rapid Transit Commission Makes Up Its Mind", "Brooklyn Bridge And Electric Power; Steps Taken Which May Result in Doing Away with the Cable System", "Great City Building For Bridge Entrance; Rapid Transit Board Approves Engineer Parsons's Plan", "City has an Idle Tunnel; Unused Tube Connects Two Subway Lines and Cost $868,000", "Reopens Under Pass At Brooklyn Bridge; Walker at Ceremony Clearing Passage Closed for 16 Years-- Downtown Traffic Eased", "Bridge Terminals And Trolleys; Mayor Schieren Presents to Trustees a Plan for a Continuous loop in Washington Street, Brooklyn", "Trolley Cars on Bridge; Trustees and the Brooklyn Railroad Managers Have Reached a Mutual Agreement", "Brooklyn Bridge Opens Special Bicycle Ramps", "Turf Marks Gone, Battle Erupts on Brooklyn Bridge", "Koch Faces Day Ebulliently; He Looks Well Rested", "On Foot, on Bridge and at City Hall, Bloomberg Is Irate", "Snarl at Rush Hour Spreads Into 9 States; 10,000 in the National Guard and 5,000 Off-Duty Policemen Are Called to Service in New York", "Lightning Apparently to Blame ‐ Some Suburbs Affected", "In Subways, in Traffic, in Elevators: All Stuck", "A Day of Terror: The Rivers; A Battered Retreat On Bridges To the East", "Brodie's Path to Wealth; He Is Wanted by Various Museum Managers", "Youth Dives Off Brooklyn Bridge; Youngster Eludes the Police and Plunges Into the East River, Escaping Unhurt", "Neighborhood Report: Brooklyn Bridge; A Stately Span, a Fatal Lure", "Frenchman hung up on Lady Liberty: 'I love America' - August 25, 2001", "4 Hasidic Youths Hurt in Brooklyn Bridge Shooting", "U.S.

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